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No Risk Brochure Fundraiser.
You order only what you've sold. Collect money at the time of sale and profit BEFORE even ordering the Rosary Cards that you've sold!
Brochure Fundraising

Brochure fundraising offers a way to pre-sell products using brochures and order forms. Members of your group collect payments when pre-selling Rosary Cards. At the end of your fundraiser, you tally all order forms from your members and place one order with You only order those Rosary Cards that your group has sold. We will process your order within 10-14 days and return to you pre-sorted Rosary Cards for each member of your group. Once you receive the items, distribute Rosary Cards to group members for prompt delivery to your fundraiser patrons. So as you see, there is no risk associated with the Brochure Fundraiser. No up-front investment and inventory to to worry about. This fundraiser is QUICK, since you get the money at the time of sale.

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